Spiritual Practices

When experiencing the stresses that come with living and change, it can be helpful to discover or reclaim your spiritual practices, whatever they might be.

During times of fear, anxiety and stress, your own faith and spiritual practice can be a powerful resource. Your spiritual practices may not always prevent these times of stress, but they can help you through them. Some people are unaware that they actually have a spiritual side to their being. Most people actually routinely make use of spiritual practices but just not in a formal way or may not identify them as being spiritual. Some routinely listen to music, take a walk, read inspirational words, or look at the stars. Some spend time gardening or in such creative activities as art, writing, or dance. Some participate in yoga, swimming, or body-energy healing. All of these practices hold within them a potential that is more than just exercise for the body. It can also nurture the soul, restore the mind, and deepen our connection with the world around us. Many people who no longer attend formal religious services still continue to pray regularly, and this can often take the form of an inner conversation with a divine being.