Aboriginal Teachings

The traditional concepts of respect and sharing that form the foundation of the Aboriginal way of life are built around the seven natural laws, or sacred teachings.

For many First Nations communities and peoples, traditional teachings based on the Medicine Wheel are important sources of strength. Some First Nations people follow the ancient philosophy of life known as "the good way" or the "Red Road." This philosophy is based on the connection among all living things, to the Great Spirit, or Mother Earth, and to one another. The Seven Sacred Teachings or Seven Virtues remind us that we are all one, connected to each other. This sense of connectedness is central to individual and collective well-being. All the significant stages of life are marked by ceremonies that signify these stages. The most common are smudging and drumming ceremonies, sweat lodges, feasts, and sharing circles. These practices can have tremendous benefits in promoting health and well-being and in managing stress. Elders play a special role in Native society and can be a significant source of knowledge about traditional practices.